Luxury Ranches for Sale in California Properties

When you get out of the large urban areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, many people equate California homes to ranch-style living. Whether living in the mountains, the valleys, the deserts, or along the coasts, there are a lot of luxury ranches in California.

Cattle Ranches

A bit more than one-third of California’s land is range and pasture land. With the diversity of the state, one can graze their animals on the flatland or lower foothills in springtime and move them to pastures up in the higher country for the summer. You can have both areas all on one ranch here with a luxurious home in the lower country and a cabin to stay when checking animals in the summer.
A lot of California properties feature large ranch-style homes in which to raise a family or entertain. Older, more historic properties come available from time to time, but there are also modern built homes featuring all the amenities of the 21st century including satellite TV and Wi-Fi internet. Also popular in the state are its pools with an estimated 1.8 million pools here including those in rural and urban areas.

Horse Ranches

Horses of every breed are popular in California with trails for miles in many areas, and a diverse amount of horse shows and events. Horse ranch property may match the barn to the house exterior, and in some cases, the barn maybe even more exquisite than the home.

There are plenty of new sumptuous homes with large kitchens including spacious refrigerators, lots of counter space, and convection ovens. Family rooms are popular with ranch houses equipped with billiard tables, built-in computer outlets, and even charging stations for your smartphones.

Luxury Ranches for Sale in California

Whether your pleasure is the coast or inland, the oak and pine forests, or the flatland of the Central Valley, California has some of the most fabulous ranch properties in the country.
While you can still find raw land to develop on your own, there are also old ranch houses to bring up-to-date, or the latest in modern ranch architecture beckoning you to move in. Let EV Ranchland help your perfect property. We have decades of experience in the California land market and are available to hear what you are dreaming of in order to match that with a choice of options listed in today’s market. Contact one of our agents and let us get to work finding those listings that you won’t want to miss!