Colorado Ranches for Sale Properties

If you have been dreaming of the right ranch land in Colorado for you, you’ve come to the right place with E&V Ranchland. Colorado is a great location for cattle ranching, horse ranching, sheep ranching, and more. And the ranching lifestyle is far more glamorous than it used to be.

You can find luxury homes with matching stables or barns throughout much of the state from its plains, mesas, and desert canyons, to the timberland and mountainous terrain. It just depends on where you want to live and ranch.

Colorado Cattle Ranches

Colorado is home to some 34,000 ranches and farms totaling nearly 32 million acres of land. Individual farmlands range between two acres and 444 acres with the largest cattle ranch in the state spanning some 87,000 acres. This one is not privately owned, however, but rather owned and managed by the Colorado State Land Board.

Cattle ranching is big business in Colorado with 15,000 active producers making cattle the number one agricultural commodity. Ranching land is often available on the market, generally equipped with fenced in property and in varying amounts of acreage. While some land is fairly undeveloped, some property may come with luxuriously large homes perfect for a growing family or some entertaining, while others may be more modest, yet modern and efficient.

Colorado Equine Property

Colorado’s horse ranch property includes some of the most luscious pastures around with multi-stall barns perfect for breeding or training facilities. Some barns may even have closed-circuit cameras accessed in the home, so one can keep track of mares ready to foal, or to check in on any of their stock.

Homes in Colorado often tie into the ranching lifestyle, equipped with large, showy fireplaces, roomy kitchens, and perhaps even a spa for a place to unwind in the evening. A home can have a rustic look by design, but also be on the cutting edge of modern technology with solar panels providing electricity along with other energy-saving features.

If you are looking for ranch land for sale in Colorado, or anywhere in the West, the E&V Ranchland team is ready to assist you. We have experienced agents who live and work in Colorado and are familiar with the entire state having handled Colorado ranches for sale for a multitude of years. Contact E&V Ranchland today and we will help you find just what you are looking for in Colorado ranching property.