California Cattle Ranches for Sale by Owner Properties

As the country grew with settlers coming to the west, California drew those seeking gold. Along with those miners, came the need for food. So, cattlemen came too, bringing their herds with a selling price from five to 20 times higher here, than they would bring in Texas, or the Midwest.
The tradition of raising cattle in the state continues today. California offers a variety of topography with grazing lands for cattle ranchers to feed their herds throughout the year. There is always some of that land on the market, sometimes for sale by owner, often through listings with EV Ranchland.

Cattle Ranches for Sale in California

Up and down the state from Modoc County at the Oregon border to San Diego County alongside Mexico, there are cattle ranch properties for sale. Natural resources continue to provide those grazing areas for herds during spring, summer, and into the fall, while ranchers can grow supplemental feed to get them through the colder winter months.
Some cattle ranch lands contain thousands of acres under one ownership, although smaller spreads for smaller herds can be found. These ranches are located in some of the most rural areas of the state affording glorious views and a lot of privacy.

California Cattle Ranches for Sale Include Exquisite Homes

Most ranchers want to live close to their herds. Just about anywhere in the state, there is acreage with beautiful homesteads located on the property. There may be more than one home on-site, perfect for the family looking to pass down business from one generation to the next, or providing a home for the herd manager’s family.
Whether looking for an old-fashion ranch-style home, or a more modern look with up-to-date technology and appliances, you can find the right ranch home in California. The EV Ranchland California team is familiar with the entire 800 miles from Oregon to Mexico, and we know what is on the market, whether for sale by owner, through us, or by other listings.
We’re ready to help you find your own ranching property, either with the perfect home in place, or the most picturesque spot to build your own. Many properties are available with fencing already in place, as well as water sources with irrigation.
When you are ready to look for a California ranch to move your herd to, or to start a new one, contact one of our EV Ranchland agents. We want to listen to exactly what you need and are looking for, with our team ready to go to work finding the perfect property for you. Give us a call, today!